About Us

Think Growth is a consulting company to businesses and individuals to assist them with their growth and development.  We offer a number of services with a large focus on business coaching.  Our purpose is to help individuals be excellent in what they do!

Business coaching

As a business coach our goal is to help other individuals succeed and excel in their careers and business.  We have a passion for people and believe they can achieve whatever they decide on.  Coaching is about facilitating a process of self-discovery for an individual who wants to change or achieve a new goal.  It is a process of empowerment.

Each business has people that drive the business performance and outcome.  Coaching facilitates the process of achieving these goals through the individuals in the organisation and improves business performance.

Behavioural assessment

We also consult to businesses to recruit and develop their employees through replicating successful behaviours and habits in their environment, thereby optimizing efficiencies.  Organisations appoint people based on their skill and expertise and hope they will fit into their working environment.

The system enabling the assessment of behaviours and habits is Shadowmatch. Shadowmatch is a sophisticated, user-friendly, internet-based worksheet. It enables companies using the Shadowmatch system to precision recruit new employees and to develop new and current employees optimally for that specific environment.  Shadowmatch is also successfully used for conflict facilitation, team building, redeployment of people, career counseling, coaching, succession planning, leadership identification, precision management of staff, etc.

Business development

Consulting with companies involves exploring various options with them to establish the next steps for their business to grow and expand.  This varies from research, process reviews and using technology for innovation as well as building a business plan to achieve this.