Behavioural assessment

What is Shadowmatch?

Shadowmatch is a sophisticated, user-friendly, internet-based worksheet. It enables companies using the Shadowmatch system to precision recruit new employees and to develop new and current employees optimally for that specific environment based on their behaviours and habits.  Shadowmatch is also successfully used for conflict facilitation, team building, redeployment of people, career counselling, coaching, succession planning, leadership identification, precision management of staff, etc.


How does it work?

Shadowmatch is an online worksheet that presents an individual with a task to be completed.  Whilst the individual engages with the task (being the Shadowmatch worksheet), the system “observes” how the individual engages and completes the task and it seeks for recurring patterns of behaviour.  The result is a graph and full report that indicates the individual’s habits measured across 25 areas. 


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