Business Coaching

What is coaching?

Coaching is the facilitation of a process of self-discovery for an individual with a specific goal in mind.  Coaching is about personal development in an ever changing environment. 


Our focus is to help individuals who want to develop their own skills more or require a different outcome to what they normally would achieve.  We work with individuals and businesses that want to grow and develop and are not always sure how to go about it.  Coaching is in the here and now and working towards success in the future.  It is not psychology or retrospection of the past.  Coaching is based on the individual's own experience and learning through it.


Coaching is about being challenged about your ideas and viewpoints to provide personal insight.  It is a guiding process to self-discovery that will ultimately lead to desired change.  Coaching provides a safe pathway to explore limiting assumptions and discovering new answers.


Coaching at times is just being a sounding board for a person to explore their thoughts and to make sense of the number of questions that is floating around.


Coaching works best


Coaching is for individuals and businesses who want a different result to what they constantly get by performing the same actions.  The individual must have a desire for a change or different outcome.  The change is not necessarily a drastic one but sometimes just a tweak to the way we see and interpret things.

Part of coaching is for the client to reflect on the session and the learnings from it.  It could also involve some actions that the client has to take to achieve their goals.


Normally coaching sessions are between an hour to two hours long and are scheduled two to three weeks apart for 10 - 12 sessions.  This is normally agreed with the client before the coaching commences.

About our coach - Sulet van Niekerk


Sulet spent the last 10 years working for large corporate organisations and recently decided on a career change.  She has traded-in her flair for numbers for an equally challenging and exciting flair for people.  Sulet is a business coach who has a strong desire to assist individuals in finding fulfilment in their chosen career.  As a coach her passion is to assist individuals to achieve their own goals that they have set for themselves and their career. 


Sulet is a registered Chartered Accountant (CA (SA)) with commercial experience in large corporates of which the last 4 years was in a senior managerial role in the financial sector.  Throughout her experience she realised that it is the individual that makes an organisation successful.  Sulet is passionate about each person to have fulfilment in their careers and believes that every individual has the potential to do so!


Sulet holds a Certificate in Coaching Practice from the University of Stellenbosch and is also a member of COMENSA (Coaches and Mentors of South Africa).